Pork My Ride - Slaughterhouse XIV Scooter Rally - Labor Day Weekend August 29-31, 2008 - Chicago

$5 registration fee includes a patch, and a wristband which gives you access to group activities, drink specials, and meals Saturday and Sunday.

Opportunities to register will be at every event.

Do I need to register? Yes you have to register.
Registration gets you the magic wristband that will ensure your entry to every event, ride, and meal listed on the itinerary. You must register and sign our waiver in order to participate. Period. No wrist band, no fun, no kidding.

Other questions:

9pm-2am: Slaughterhouse pre-party at It's a school night, but hey: THERE'S A RALLY TOMORROW!!! Celebrate by meeting up with old friends and new while also celebrating Delilah's 15th Anniversary!! Check their website for more information.

8pm-2am: Meet n' greet/Registration at Don't get too drunk—you want to be ready for our...

10:30pm: Evening Ride See Chicago how it's meant to be seen: Lit!

10am: Registration/Breakfast at
Breakfast furnished by Scooterworks will be served by the Fire & Iron MC. Hang out, eat, register, shop, enjoy yourself before heading out for the...

11am: Longer, Faster, Uncut Ride That's right, there's going to be a long, fast ride leaving Scooterworks at 11am sharp. Your bike MUST cruise at 45-50mph, you MUST have proper safety gear: helmet, shoes, jacket, gloves, etc. PLEASE practice proper group ride safety techniques. Ride leaders will be inspecting/approving all prospective participants' safety gear and bikes. MAKE SURE YOU GAS-UP BEFORE THE RIDE LEAVES! or...

12pm: Weenie Puff Ride This is the Everyman/woman's ride. As long as your bike runs, you're welcome. (We'll expect you all to have a full tank of gas and follow the proper group riding safety etiquette as well.) Join the Heck's Angels and Hells Fairies Scooter Clubs on a leisurely ride up to Chinatown, where you'll be free to explore, eat, shop, and visit Record Breakers to get the latest New Kids On The Block album. The ride will depart at 2:30pm in order to arrive at the...

3pm: BBQ at Motoworks is furnishing the hordes of hungry riders with a delectable lunch. DJ Darren will be providing tunes. Should be a gas-powered good time!

4pm: Gymkhana Now that you're recharged and nourished, participate in our awesomely fun gymkhana! Show off your exceptional scooter skills on this challenging, crowd participation-energized course. There'll be a neato prize for the winner.

9pm: Party at There'll be Fun! Excitement! Drink Specials! Music! Comraderie! Enter a raffle to win a Harley Davidson motorcycle! And to top it off, BERRYOKE!!! That's right, folks, dust off the ol' vocal chords because our very own Killer Karaoke Kouple Mary and Jason Berry will be hosting their unique brand of ultra-awesome karaoke goodtimes.

10am: Early bird ride Meet at Huck Finn Restaurant for a group ride to our next event. Had a rough night? Well, too bad! If you want to grab a little something to eat, be there before 9:30--ride leaves promptly at 10.

11am: Pig roast and Raffle at Frank and Mary's Pigs officially sponsored by Scooter Judging, Raffle, Awards will start at 1pm. There will also be DJs.

Go home, sight see, take naps, keep partying, do whatever the heck you want: MONDAY'S A HOLIDAY!!!